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IEEE 802.11 WAPI Encryption Core

General Description

Implementation of the new Chinese security standard (WAPI) requires running the SMS4 cipher in the WPI mode for encryption and message authentication. The WPI1 core is tuned for WAPI applications and as such requires much smaller gate count than a full implementation.

The design is fully synchronous and available in both source and netlist form.

Key Features

  • Completely self-contained: does not require external memory

  • Includes encryption, decryption, key expansion and data interface

  • Support for WAPI WPI packet encapsulation

  • Automatic generation of key context from key data

  • Flow-through design

  • Test bench provided

  • Deliverables include test benches




  • WAPI


Pin Description

Name Type Description
CLK Input Core clock signal
CEN Input Synchronous enable signal. When LOW the core ignores all its inputs and all its outputs must be ignored.
MODE Input Mode. When HIGH, transmit, when LOW receive
START Input HIGH starting input data processing
READ Output Read request for the input data byte

HIGH when valid data byte present on the input

WRITE Output Write to the output interface
OUT_READY Input HIGH when output interface is ready to accept data byte
D[7:0] Input Input Data
Q[7:0] Output Output Data
DONE Output Data processing completed

Function Description

The SMS4 algorithm is a data encryption standard as defined in the Chinese government specification 无线局域网产品使用的SMS4密码算法.

The WPI1 implementation fully supports the WPI packet encapsulation of the Chinese WAPI encryption standard for the IEEE 802.11 networks

The core is designed for flow-through operation, with byte-wide input and output interfaces. SMS4 key and WPI initialization vector precede the frame in the flow of data. WPI1 supports encrypt and decrypt modes.


Data Formats

Core is designed to sit next to the modem in the data flow and so is able to pass through entire MPDU and A-MPDU data. It can recognize PLCP SIGNAL fields and MPDU Delimiters and extract and generate the MPDU length information. The core extracts the information from the WPI header and modifies the packet by appending or removing the 16-byte MIC.