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G.9960 LDPC Decoder Core


LDPC-G9660 core provides an efficient implementation of the low-density parity-check (LDPC) forward error correcting (FEC) encoding schemes used in the ITU G.9960 standard..

Design Features

  • Technology Independent
  • Fully Synchronous Design
  • Highly Modular Design with clearly defined interfaces
  • Scan friendly RTL

Key Features

  • parameterized input data width 5-8 bit
  • parameterized internal data width 7-12 bit
  • nearly floating point performance with quantization of 6 input bits and internal computation in 10 bits (less than 0.3 dB from floating point BP with 50 iterations);
  • early stop detection unit ;
  • bit-LLR input
  • Decoder throughput with 10 iterations at 400 MHz clock frequency is listed in the Table 1 below

  • Decoder area:
     240K gates
     224 DPRAM 128x16
     128 DPRAM 32x16
     48 ROM 16x64
  • Encoder area:
     40K gates
     40 Kbit DPRAM
     50 Kbit ROM


  • RTL Verilog source code or synthesized netlist;
  • Full Verilog Test environment
  • Fixed point MatLab models running under Windows or Linux OS for
    simulation and test patterns generation;
  • User guide and scripts.
  • Changes to the internal design to meet customer requirements are possible



Decoded throughput vs number of iterations for R=(5/6)s (Z=48) LDPC code