Ultracompact AES Core
 64 Point FFT Core
1024 Point FFT Core
XTS-AES P1619 core
GCM (802.1ae)  Core
AES Key Wrap
802.16e WiMAX CCM Core
802.11i CCM Core
Zigbee CCM* Core
802.15.3 CCM Core
Combo LRW/GCM core
AES-GCM Cores Shipped for Actel FPGA

10/5/2007 GCM/XTS/CBC core shipped

6/19/2007 Three FFT cores announced

6/12/2007 AES-GCM core reaches 10 Gbps on an FPGA

10/17/2006 AES1-32E gets a FIPS 197 validation


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The list below is not exhaustive. If you need a standard-based encryption core using AES, we most likely already have it in our portfolio. Feel free to contact us via email or phone.
Available IP cores include:
Ultra-compact AES IP core implements Rijndael encryption in compliance with the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, FIPS-197) with 128-bit and 256-bit keys. Base AES1 core is self-contained (no external memory, key expander included), yet very small (less than 3,000 gates). Supports ECB, CFB, CBC, OFB and CTR modes. Core is FIPS-197 certified. Datasheet.
Combo XTS/GCM/CCM IP cores A combined high-speed implementation of the AES-XTS and AES-GCM modes encryption and decryption supporting IEEE P1619 and 802.1ae standards. GXM2 is a compact core for 128-bit keys. GXM2 Datasheet. GXM3 core is similar to GXM2, but allows 256-bit AES keys. GXM3 Datasheet.  GXC3 core supports the legacy AES-CBC mode of encryption in addition to GCM/AES and XTS/AES. GXC3 Datasheet.
64 Point FFT core and 512/1024 Point FFT core Both high-performance cores support FTT and IFFT transforms. Many more variants of the FFT cores available. FFT0064 Datasheet.  FFT1024 Datasheet. 
AES-XTS IP (IEEE P1619) core A very high-throughput families of the XEX-AES cores supporting the IEEE P1619 standard. XTS2 series supports encryption and decryption with the 128-bit keys. XTS2 Datasheet.  XTS3 supports both 128 and 256-bit keys. XTS3 Datasheet.
AES Key Wrap IP core AKW1 implements key wrap and unwrap per NIST specification using both 128 and 256 Key Encryption Keys (KEK). AKW1 Datasheet. 
DES / triple DES core Ultracompact DES1 implements DES and 3DES per NIST FIPS 46-3 in just 3K ASIC gates. DES1 Datasheet. 
Combo LRW/GCM IP cores Combined high-speed implementations of the LRW and GCM modes encryption and decryption. GLM1 Datasheet.  GLM2 Datasheet.
IEEE 802.16e CCM core Full flow-through implementation of the CCM (CTR+CBC) encryption and decryption according to the IEEE 802.16e standard. Datasheet.
IEEE 802.15.3 CCM core Full flow-through implementation of the CCM (CTR+CBC) encryption and decryption according to the IEEE 802.15.3 standard. Datasheet
UWB MBOA CCM core Full flow-through implementation of the CCM (CTR+CBC) encryption and decryption according to the Multi-Band OFDM (MBOA) standard. Datasheet.
IEEE 802.1AE AES/GCM core High-speed implementation of the AES/GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) encryption and decryption for 802.1AE (MACSec) standards. GCM1 is a compact core using less than 25K ASIC gates. GCM1 Datasheet. GCM2 is a scalable GCM core family for 128-bit keys. GCM2 Datasheet. GCM3 is the scalable GCM core family that supports 128/192/256 bit keys. GCM3 Datasheet. GCM4 is similar to GCM3, but supports dynamic (unlnown in advance) lengths for authenticated data and plaintext / ciphertext.
IEEE P1619 LRW-AES IP core High-speed implementation of the LRW-AES (Liskov-Rivest-Wagner) encryption and decryption. LRW1 Datasheet. A family of LRW2 IP cores covers the throughput range from 2.5 Gbps to 70 Gbps. LRW2 Datasheet. LRW3 family is similar to LRW2, but allows 256-bit AES keys. LRW3 datasheet.
IEEE 802.11i CCM core Full flow-through implementation of the CCM (CTR+CBC, CCMP) encryption and decryption according to the IEEE 802.11i (WPA, WPA2) WLAN standard. The core uses less than 9,000 gates. Datasheet.  A version of this core is also available for IEEE 802.15.4 standard (IEEE 802.15.4 is used by the ZigBee Alliance as a base of its ZigBee™ specification. Datasheet.  
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