Ultracompact AES Core
 64 Point FFT Core
1024 Point FFT Core
XTS-AES P1619 core
GCM (802.1ae)  Core
AES Key Wrap
802.16e WiMAX CCM Core
802.11i CCM Core
Zigbee CCM* Core
802.15.3 CCM Core
Combo LRW/GCM core
AES-GCM Cores Shipped for Actel FPGA

10/5/2007 GCM/XTS/CBC core shipped

6/19/2007 Three FFT cores announced

6/12/2007 AES-GCM core reaches 10 Gbps on an FPGA

10/17/2006 AES1-32E gets a FIPS 197 validation


Information on
Export Licensing


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Letter of Assurance

A "letter of assurance" is usually required by the US government agency as a condition of the export license for "technology controlled for national security reasons" (restriction NS1). This letter has to be written by the "consignee" (you) and will be kept on file by an "applicant" (IP Cores).
The letter of assurance is defined in paragraph (o)(3)(i) of the Supplement 2 of the Part 748 of the export regulations as a "written letter from the ultimate consignee assuring that, unless prior authorization is obtained from BIS, the consignee will not knowingly reexport the technology to any destination, or export the direct product of the technology, directly or indirectly, to a country listed in Country Group D:1 or E:2 (see Supplement No. 2 to part 740 of the EAR)."
Requirements for the Letter of Assurance
Although there is no standard form for this letter, you have to at least:
  1. Acknowledge that our core is a subject to the US export regulations
  2. Acknowledge your intent to use the core only for legitimate purposes
  3. Acknowledge restrictions on resale or re-export of the core to prohibited parties or destinations
  4. Acknowledge that the US regulations will survive the termination of relationship between IP Cores and your company
Sample Letter
The undersigned acknowledges that the XYZ core that is being provided by IP Cores, Inc. is subject to export controls imposed by the United States Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended (the “Act”) and the regulations promulgated thereunder.

The undersigned certifies that: The core being obtained is not intended to be used for any purpose prohibited by the Act or regulations, including, without limitation, Nuclear, Missile or Chemical & Biological Weapons activities.

Except as specifically authorized by the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, or by written approval from the US Bureau of Industry and Security, we will not reexport, resell, or otherwise dispose of any items supported by this statement: to any person if there is reason to believe that it will result directly or indirectly in disposition of the items contrary to the contrary to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, or to any country not approved for export as brought to our attention by the U.S. exporter.

The undersigned acknowledges that this assurance will be honored beyond any termination of business relationships with IP Cores, Inc.
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